Postgraduate programmes under development

Financial Accounting

New Course to be developed by Ruth

Module Description:

The accounting function is a critical one for the success of an organization especially in meeting the needs of the external stakeholders. However, in a training environment, Accounting is usually limited to the theories and the imaginary demonstrations in form of made up financial transactions. This module comes in to fill the gap that exists between the theory and the real practice of generating financial statements.

This module that is largely practical covers the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare financial statements in a computerized environment. It builds on the earlier Knowledge you obtained from Financial Accounting during your studies.

This Module introduces participants to audit evidence gathering process, the analysis of these evidences and making conclusions there-from. Specifically the module will address the issues concerning organizational risk analysis, audit planning, the concept of audit evidence, the various techniques of obtaining audit evidence, documentation of audit evidence and preparation of audit reports based on the evidence so collected. Also to be addressed by this module will be the ethical issues in auditing.

Quantitative Methods